Best Paying Careers For Women – In Fashion

Having spent the last 9 years in seemingly the most glamorous and desirable industry to women, fashion I am often asked about the careers and opportunities for women in fashion and more often what are the best paying careers for women in fashion today?

The beauty about the fashion industry is that it caters for the creative and the business savvy as well as encompassing the back end blood sweat and tears in producing apparel for the Australian and global markets.

Let’s look at the best paying careers for women in fashion…

For the business savvy roles for example Brand Manager, Product Manager or Retail Buyer you need a qualification in business, commence, economics or marketing. Candidate perception is often misunderstood with these roles and in the past 4 years they have become the glamour roles of the industry. The misconception largely surrounds the intense business acumen required to be a success. You need to be numbers savvy, have strong skills in product forecasting, budgets, calculation of EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) and have strong analytical skills and margin and profit focus. All too often candidates see for 15% fascination with the product side of these roles and fail to see that 85% of the job is spent behind an excel spreadsheet.

Salaries in Australia for Brand Manager, Product Manager and Retail buyer vary greatly and are very dependent on the size of the company. With this said, some of the larger brands are the poorer payers. Brand Manager, Product Manager and Retail Buyers earn above national average to executive salaries at the top end. Longevity plays a big role in securing top dollar so proving yourself is essential. Your success will be measured on year in and year out results and growth so 18 months here and there is not going to get you into the best paying careers for women in fashion. You need to have some creative edge in these roles, so a sense of style and fashion is essential as much of the creative team is likely to report to you. These roles will see you provide product direction, range planning and product lifecycle analysis as a response to market forces and trends as well as the financial management aspects..

The creative roles in fashion are probably the most deceptive. Design is hard work and again longevity is going to go along way to allowing you to achieve your financial salary goals. My best advice when negotiating a role in design is to negotiate your increases when you commence. One of the biggest problems in increasing salaries once you start working is the lack of a remuneration plan at commencement.

To be a fashion designer you will need to have studied fashion design at any one of the various International Design schools. Getting accolades will also help. Make sure your design projects reflect commercial fashion and if they don’t leave them out of your portfolio. It is very off putting to an employer of a fashion designer to see arty unwearable fashion in the recruitment process.

As a fashion designer you will not only be responsible for the design of the ranges within the product budgets and brand values but you will be responsible for the outcome, market acceptance or rejection! It is very rare for a design graduate to score a top job as a fashion designer but occasionally it does happen. Your career path is however more likely to commence behind the scenes as a designers assistant. You will sketch, source fabrics, trims and accessories, cut samples, prepare range books and coordinate the design timeline with the pattern makers and sample machinists. Not too much creative here but at least you will be close to the action.

Prove yourself and you will be introduced to designing your own portion of a range with a bit of luck (and blood sweat and tears). As a designer assistant (graduate) in fashion expect to earn average national salaries. You will be competing with a big group of graduates all chasing the dream so embrace anything on offer and be realistic about the brand opportunities offered to you. It is no time to be a brand snob when you have just graduated from design school. If you decide to be brand specific be prepared to wait tables as it may be required for a while until the right break comes you way.

As a Range Designer of a visible and market identified brand expect to earn anywhere from average to executive salaries at the end. When so much hinges on the talents of a designer you would expect higher paying salaries, however, simple supply and demand principles unfortunately come into play. The best news is that when longevity kicks in (if you haven’t started your own label) the role of Design Director comes with a hefty pay packet. As Design Director of a fashion brand expect to earn serious executive dollars. Achieve this in fashion design and you have made it!

Let’s look at the engine room; Production Management, Operations and Supply Chain. These roles are the most critical to a fashion operation. Apparel may not be a perishable commodity but if it is late into store it may as well be. With the changes in supply chain and imports the production of apparel in the last 10 years has changed the nature of these roles significantly. In fashion production, operations and supply chain you can expect to frequently travel to operations particularly in the east and work in some quite deceptive conditions. Let me qualify this by saying that your negotiation skills need to be razor sharp and your ability to identify the right sources is essential.

In terms of qualifications you need a fashion production qualification, business or logistics supply chain management qualification or similar. Garment construction knowledge is essential. You will work hands on and be required to make the call on garment construction issues so it is imperative that you know the lingo. At the low end Production Managers in fashion earn just above national salaries with Operations and Supply Chain Managers earning exceptional executive dollars.

Whilst I have purposely focused on the highest paying roles for women within the fashion industry the obvious roles of General Manager, CEO and Company Director form the highest paying roles in the sector. It is difficult to focus on these roles when the opportunities are quite few are far between. Some outstanding women have achieved these roles in fashion with Sue Morphet of Pacific Brands crashing through the glass ceiling some years ago and moving up the scale with full force. Sue is of particular inspiration having conquered such an exceptional role within an established and traditional brand. There are other women like Sue earning exceptional salaries within the fashion sector, but the roles are few and far between. Salaries at this top end can reach beyond half a million dollars including bonuses and share options.

Alexa Vega Hot Women Fashion Celebs Pictures

Alexa Ellesse Vega (born August 27, 1988) is an American actress, singer and pianist and former child actor. She is best known for playing Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids trilogy and Shilo Wallace in Repo! the Genetic Opera as well as for a variety of film appearances, including her roles in Sleepover, Odd Girl Out, Walkout and Remember the Daze and Follow the Stars Home. She stars as the title character in the new ABC Family series Ruby and The Rockits.

Vega made her first movie appearance in Little Giants, starring as the six year old daughter of Ed O’Neill. In 1996, Vega starred as young Jo Harding in Twister. She guest-starred in numerous television shows and films, including ER, Follow the Stars Home, and The Bernie Mac Show. She became known worldwide in 2001 for her role as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids. The first Spy Kids movie was a huge success, and subsequently two sequels, Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over were filmed. During the shooting of the three films, she performed most of her stunts.
In 2003, she was named one of that year’s hottest teen celebrities in Vanity Fair. In 2004, Vega finished filming two films: Sleepover and State’s Evidence, and in the following year starred in a made-for-television drama entitled Odd Girl Out. She also filmed for another made-for-TV movie, Walkout. In June 2006, she finished filming Remember the Daze, which came out to limited theaters in April 2007. She finished filming Repo! the Genetic Opera, which was released in 2008.Vega has also been confirmed as the lead role in Helix, written and directed by Aram Rappaport, which began filming in Chicago in March 2008. Vega was originally cast in Robert Rodriguez’s Shorts, however, due to her being in Australia for the filming of Broken Hill, she had to be recast. She was replaced by Kat Dennings. She is currently playing Ruby Gallagher on the ABC Family Original Series “Ruby and the Rockits”, which also stars Patrick & David Cassidy.

Women Fashion Dresses Huge Variety For Different Occasions

Women fashion dresses surprise with their availability in different styles for various occasions. Learn what should be your choice to dress up fashionably for every single occasion of your life.

Every occasion has a different mood and dressing up to match that mood is an art that every woman should know. Thankfully, there are different styles of fashion dresses that can assist a woman to dress up just the perfect way. Sit down and read the discussion if you are making preparation to dress up for an important occasion.

Cocktails and Black Tie Invitations

Conservative cocktail dresses make right sense for women invited for a cocktail party or a black tie evening party. Long evening gowns and women’s satin dresses help women to get fully involved at these parties.

Prom Night

You need to have the most exclusive entry to a prom night. Prom dresses are designed to help you score high in the crowd. The dresses with long sleeves and bubble prom dresses are some of the best dresses for the occasion. An A-line prom dress with no particular waistline is also a good choice for the occasion. And of course, there is no match to a halter prom dress.

Casual Outdoors

You can look fashionable for casual gatherings with friends as well. An amazingly designed sundress should help you in the same. There are varieties with very low necklines and short hemlines that help you adopt that attention-grabbing look. Wear them on shopping or for having lunch at an upscale restaurant to reflect your fashion sense.

Festival Dresses

The dresses you wear on different festive occasions should reflect your joy and happiness. A silk blouse in red with a black skirt for example can help you display your festive spirit. And it is a great way to look fashionable as well.

Workplace Dresses

The dresses for working women don’t need to be purely formal these days. There are fashion suits available for women to look fashionable and stylish at workplaces.

While choosing dresses for any other above-mentioned occasion, show concern in choosing the right color. Also, make sure that the dress you choose is the perfect match for your body statistics. A fashion dress should enhance your looks and make you look adorable and attractive.

Sexy Women’s Satin Dress For The Night

After a tiresome and hectic day every woman will like to have nice relaxing time at home. At the same time she will like to look sexy and attractive for the partner. Sexy women’s satin dress could be the solution one is looking for.

Dressing in Silky Satin

One of the best ways to have the exotic experience of getting best relaxation while looking sexy is getting into some women’s satin dress like satin pajamas. Caressing feelings generated by the dress would be something one would love. Moreover, satin is one of those fabrics that remain shining all along and they are good material for women fashion dresses. Most people will not like to miss out on the feelings. One can feel feminine, sensuous as well as sexy in the nightwear.

Best Gift

Everyone likes to get gifts. Women’s satin dresses constitute one of the best gift items for women. Irrespective of the occasion they can be gifted away since they are highly fashionable, easy to wear, and requires less maintenance in comparison to other fabrics. Satin makes great fabric for holidaying or leisure times at home. Cooling affects in summer and cozy feeling in winter are bonus gifts of the satin costume. Icing on the cake is the loose and relaxed feeling it generates.

Maintaining the Current Fashion Trends

Dresses made with satin constitute excellent material as fashion suits. Brands like triumph lingerie, satin pajamas, and other women dresses made with satin come in multiple colors and styles. In result the buyer gets a host of choices to select from. Some of the popular shades of colors for the dress are �

� Pretty as well as romantic pastel shade.

� Hot nightwear with red satin top and blue pajamas.

� While satin providing feminine and purity for the users.

� Generating an aura of innocence with the under garments made of satin.

� Passionate and adventurous black shade.

� Vibrating and exciting bright color shades.

Preference for Satin

Women prefer satin for multiple reasons in making their dresses. Soft and soothing feeling apart, they make great material for making casual wear while the natural elasticity make them great sports wear.

A reliable and reputable online store could be the best choice for finding fashionable and quality women’s satin dresses. Offering a host of choices and saddled with various promotional offers, they stand on better footing in comparison to any brick and concrete stores.

Art Of Effective Wearing Women Skirts

From ages immemorial women skirts have been a part of the wardrobe of most women. Not only they offer excellent items as women fashion dresses but also are indispensable for most occasions. Available in multiple types, shapes, sizes, and colors, wearing effectively the miniskirts or long skirts is an art for learning.

Art of Skirt Wearing

Among all women dresses, skirt wearing is an art. Developing and improving the way of wearing the skirt is a challenging task. Yet it is much different from something like applying the makeup and constitutes a vital part of the entire dressing process. Unlike most other costumes, the task of the wearer does not end just by wearing it. A lot of things have to be taken care of; no less the skirt management, especially when it is sort of Ritzy outerwear.

Handling the Skirt

In fact, the most difficult part of using the skirt is to handle it effectively. Management of skirts with skill especially while sitting is the most difficult part of it. Some of the reasons are �

� A floppy skirt requires appropriate handling for avoiding wear and tear due to wrong use.

� Wrong handling can embarrass the wearer by exposing the parts of anatomy that she wishes to hide from others.

� Skirt management becomes even more important when the atmosphere is windy.

Sexy Skirts for Women

Leather is one of the best items for making the skirts. One can use either long skirts or the short skirts. However the skin tight skirts can always look great when they are made of leather. Making excellent items for the women fashion suits, these skirts may have enhanced features with innovative additions and designs. Women can look beautiful and sexy in both short legged leather skirts as well as long length blazers. Beads and bangles can be used for feminine looks. Matching purses or handbags can bring up great effects on the viewers.

Effect of Leather

Leather has several major effects in rendering a woman sexy and attractive such as �

� Leather is sexy, classic, as well as gothic.

� It can be customized to generate any of the styles.

� Leather items could be 100% true leather or synthetic leather.

� Classic glossy leather materials are mostly used for lingerie.

� One can manufacture classic thigh high pencil women skirts to those of great looking miniskirts.

And the twist that is possible with leather may not be possible with many others.


Does it seem like something is wrong with your favorite barber? Learn strong reasons to say “good-bye” without any regrets.

barber sohonycNotice that services at your favorite barbershop don’t satisfy you anymore? Moreover, prices start to be too high for your wallet? We propose you to read about more reasons to change your barbershop right now.

1. Extremely high prices

barber sohonyc - Extremely high pricesSome barbers in nyc slowly start raising their prices as soon as they have enough clients. It’s a pity, but in most cases their services and skills remain on the same level. Nobody wants to overpay without any good reason. Feel free to change your barber if you can’t afford their services any more.

2. Running behind schedule

barber sohonyc - Running behind scheduleRunning behind schedule is another warning sign, telling you to run away. Sometimes is ok but constantly is definitely a “no”! When your barber runs late, he does everything to work according to the schedule. This makes him deliver services faster and less effective; thus, paying less attention to important details. There are so many good barbershops, just get a new barber sohonyc.

3. Low availability level

Tight schedule of a barber sohonyc is a good sign because it means that he has a lot of clients and gives good services. Sometimes schedule becomes too tight though, and you have to wait a few weeks before your barber squeezes you in. But what if it’s an emergency? You can’t wait forever for your barber to be available, so just find a new one.

4. Big misunderstanding

barber sohonyc - Big misunderstandingBefore starting to work with hair, a good barber should carefully listen to his client’s preferences first. Good client will try to give clear and specific explanations or even bring a picture of desired haircut. Frankly speaking, there should be understanding between your barber and you. If you feel like your barber doesn’t understand you, then it’s time to take action!

5. Wrong priorities in work

barber sohonyc - Wrong priorities in workYour hair and high-quality services should be the main priorities of your barber. It’s awesome if there is a contact between you too, but communication should not become a priority over your hair. So, watch carefully and make right conclusions.

6. Bad haircut experience

barber sohonyc - Bad haircut experienceYou should definitelyfind a new barber if your last experience didn’t end up well. Bad haircut experience is the first sign telling you to say “good-bye” to your current hair person. There is no guarantee that this won’t happen again next time, so run away to be on the safe side.

If your current barber can be characterised as one mentioned above, don’t waste your time and find a new barber.

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Skin Care Trends

As the new weather begins, the majority of the girls and women start worrying about their skin –about how to take a proper care of it if it’s too reactive. This is because our skin responds differently in different seasons. Some people have more sensitive skin than the others. But with so much advancement in the modern age, there isn’t much to worry about. You just have to make sure that you are using the right products for your skin. Your skin reflects your beauty. It doesn’t matter if you have pale or tan skin, you can still make it attractive and glowing by using the genuine skin care products and taking good care of your skin.

For the spring facial, the first thing you should be doing is cleansing. Grab your favorite cleansing facial. But remember to use the one which suits your skin. Cleansing is the first basic step of facials. This is because it removes all the dirt from your skin, making it clean and free of any germs or bacteria. Winters can cause your skin to dehydrate, so use some anti-stress mask to rejuvenate the inner beauty of your skin. Always apply a sunscreen when you leave your house. Sunlight has vitamin D which is quite good for your skin, but too much sun rays and the ultra-violent radiations can damage your skin.

Facial courses have been initiated which include the complete treatment of facial skin by going through various steps. It includes cleansing massage, extracting the impurities, facial massage techniques and applying the facial peels and other treatment creams. These courses can give a new look to your skin. These facial courses are basically executed in the facial schools and academies. For the best online facial courses, visit at

Many female actresses are using carbonated face baths these days. It cleanses your skin by opening the pores and removing the dirt from your face. Carbonated face baths also help in toning your skin. For models, it is really hard to keep their skin healthy with all the make-up on for the most part of their day. From the interviews of models, it has been found out that most of the models depend on salicylic acid.

Masking treatments like Chanel Hydra Beauty Mask is also used on models to keep their skin moisturized. Besides that, models are always advised to stay hydrated. Because no matter how many things you apply on your face, if your blood does not get rid of toxins, you cannot have a beautiful glowing skin. Water and exercise are the most important to keep your blood circulating. Make-up artists always use products which include SPF to ensure that each and every area of their face is protected from sunlight.

These days, many anti-aging creams and other treatments have been introduced in the market. With the beginning of a new year, another anti-aging technique has been developed. It is done by using a pen called The SkinPen. It is actually a microscopic treatment. This pen can treat the skin wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and even the stretch marks. No need to buy expensive creams anymore. This treatment isn’t much expensive and it works wonders.

So if you take care of your skin with the right tips and precautions and go for the better and reliable skin treatments, you have every reason to stay confident and feel blessed. Just try to know what works best for your skin and you’re half way there.

Top Spring Makeup Trends

Orange Lips: Citrus Burst

Citrus BurstFelling tired? Swap out your coffee for a fun and fruity lip like models at DSquared2. Citrus orange shades like tangerine, peach and apricot will wake up weary faces better than any espresso shot. Try a liquid lipstick for the perfect combination of color and shine.

White Eyes: Subtle Liner

Subtle LinerAlthough black liner is a classic go-to, this spring white eye color often replaced black on the runway. For an unfussy yet elegant look, mimic the models at Ralph Lauren and line only the inner corners of eyes with a white pencil. Be sure to prep with primer and layer the color to keep the hue bright.

White Eyes: Cherry Blossom

Cherry BlossomWhat better way to ring in spring than with the colors of fresh cherry blossoms? To imitate this pretty look seen on Tibi’s runway, start by applying primer from the lashline to the browbone. Then, line upper lashline and inner corners with a white eye pencil. Next, use your finger to smudge white shadow from outer corners up to browbone. To complete the feminine look, finish with a watermelon lip stain.

Bare Faces: Dewey Finish

Dewey FinishOne of the most popular spring makeup trends is no makeup at all. This low maintenance look is quick and easy for busy days. Achieve a dewey finish like the models at Alexander Wang with a moisturizer and non-tinted lip balm.

Pinks: Bright Blush

Bright BlushShades of pink, rose and strawberry popped up like spring flowers on the runway this year. At Dolce & Gabbana, models wore vibrant coral and berry blush paired with honey eyeshadow for a charming, effervescent look. For the perfect flush, apply a powder blush in a sweeping motion from below the cheekbone up to the temple.

Pinks: Strawberry Lips

Strawberry LipsModels at Chalayan were effortlessly angelic with sweet, strawberry-hued lips. To mimic the look, buff lips with a sugar scrub or washcloth to smooth the surface for longer-lasting color. Then apply a strawberry lipstain and let dry. Once the lipstain has set, layer a moisturizing balm over it for subtle shine.

Women’s Boots And Fashion

As with much of fashion, footwear is an ever changing part of style. Not only is it moving from one trend to the next, but it is also changing in relation to the clothing that is being produced – the foot needs to match the outfit, no? However, even with all of these changes and trends, women’s boots seem to be one style that isn’t walking away. The History of Women’s Boots Originating as a purely practical piece of clothing, boots have been worn in a number of cultures over the span of time. The Egyptians wore a boot-like sandal contraption in warfare, while the Etruscans wore a heavier version of these boots to help protect their feet from the elements during times of battle. The Romans continued this tradition, while both men and women were wearing a lighter version of this practical boot in the 18th century with silk stockings. As the time went on, boots became something worn by both sexes during horse back riding activities and were made popular by the cowboys of the era. When women became a larger part of the workforce during the World Wars, boots became the footwear of choice. Still used as work safe footwear, fashionable styles have also emerged to blend functionality with fashion. Kinds of Women’s Boots Available Just as with any other piece of women’s footwear, there are a number of styles of women’s boots available. And as the trends of the day change, so do the kinds of boots that are available. Here are just a few of the recent women’s boots that are available or found in women’s closets across the world. Ankle boots – These short versions of longer boots are often worn underneath longer pants or, lately, with shorter skirts to accentuate their height. Worn also with tight jeans, these boots accent the leg as well as lengthen the body, creating a slim line. Mid calf length boots – The slightly higher style of these boots makes them more appropriate for a larger population of women. When worn at this length, they are comfortable to walk in for long periods of time. Some of the more popular trends right now are these kinds of boots with lambs wool and leather. Knee length boots – A very popular trend for the past few years, the knee high boot is very sensual when worn with short skirts or with a skirt that comes to the knees, giving the leg full coverage when standing, but a slight reveal when the woman sits. These boots help to accent thinner calves and can create a longer silhouette when worn with a longer coat over a shorter skirt. Thigh high boots – These even taller boots are not usually found in everyday dress, but they are still quite popular in club culture. Military or Work boots – These boots are more practical than their stylish counterparts. Often with lower heels, these boots protect the toes and can also help to cushion the soles during long periods of standing. Deciding on the Right Boot for You With all of these choices, it’s hard to tell which boot will be the right fit for you. Much of your decision should be based on the amount of walking that you will be doing – because not all boots are made for walking. The higher the heel, the more difficult it can be for you walk over long distances or on hard surfaces. However, if you still want a high heel, you might want to look at platform heels that are wider at the base, providing more support and cushioning at the same time. You can also find lower heeled boots that can accent your outfit without being uncomfortable. Another thing to consider as you are shopping is the kind of outfits you will be wearing with your boots. Higher boots are best for shorter skirts and dresses, while lower boots are often better with longer pants or skirts. However, whatever works best for you and your style taste is what you should choose – as you know your body best. Finding the Right Boots for You If you’re still not sure what kinds of boots are best for you, you might want to look at a number of shoe stores and in catalogs before you make your final decision. Chances are good that you will find a number of possible candidates for your shoe closet, so take your time in the selection process. When you want to choose a boot that will last for years, be sure to choose a material like real leather as well as a higher boot height. Though it seems like it would become dated, this is a style that has staying power – and even if you don’t want to wear the boot with a short skirt, they will fit beneath a nice pair of pants or jeans.

Fashion For Women

Shopping for women’s apparel has never been this good. The selections are getting wider and better, with so many different styles, designer labels, and off-the-rack outfits available for women of all sizes, shapes, and ages. The most important factors that women consider when buying fashion are still style and color. Comfort, fit, and designer labels are also significant factors that are considered in purchases. When choosing styles, women are now looking for apparel that they can wear both to work and to socialize. Pantsuits, skirt suits, blazers and the classic white blouse are favorites in the office, while off-the-rack outfits and jeans remain popular for casual wear. When shopping for fashion, it’s important to know how to pick the right clothes for you. Merely copying what is touted as the current trend or what is “fashionable” will just make you a fashion victim. A wardrobe that is fashionable but still fits your lifestyle, your age, and your figure will be the best. Try to get a good mix of trendy and basic apparel, so that you won’t have to update your wardrobe every time a new fashion season comes along. One of the hottest niches in the fashion industry is designing and marketing fashion apparel for teens. This is due to the fact that teenagers account for billions of dollars spent each year on clothing and accessories. Anyone will agree that teenagers are habitués of shopping malls, and discount apparel shops as well as designer outlets are picking up healthy profits from teens buying trendy outfits every season. Tank tops, athletic wear and sports shirts, short skirts and low-rise jeans are very popular items. Trendy clothes that sell at reasonable prices are hot for teenagers, and merchandisers who give them value along with great fashion benefit the most. As a result, stores like Wal-Mart and Target get more teenage sales than outlets like the Gap. Denim wear continues to be an all-time favorite, especially for teens. Jeans, jackets, skirts, and shorts are hot as ever. Jeans now come in an assortment of styles, whether it’s slim fitting, low-waisted, or bootleg designs. As with all other fashion apparel, different styles are suitable for different wearers. For example, teens who want to appear more svelte-looking usually prefer low-rise jeans, while women with fuller figures like relaxed fit jeans for a sleeker look. Petite women with slim figures go for slim and snug designs, either with a tapered cut or boot-leg cut. And denim doesn’t come in just blue and black anymore. Jeans are now made with colors ranging from the usual blue and black to light brown, red, and ochre. You can even find jeans with military-type designs and colors, like khaki and olive green. One of the factors that make jeans popular is the fact that they can be worn with almost anything. Jeans can be coordinated with jackets, shirts, peasant tops, blouses, or almost anything else you may find in your closet. Teenagers often love to decorate their jeans with embellishments like beads and crystals to give them more flair and individuality, as well as to make a personal statement. Along with a complementary jacket, a shirt, and a pair of trainers, this outfit remains one of the favorites among teenagers.